Preschool Life Skills Workshop Bundle

We are pleased to present a new Preschool Life Skills Workshop Bundle!

PLS is a problem behavior prevention curriculum. It is intended for students who are at risk for the development of severe problem behavior. It is not intended for students who already exhibit severe problem behavior.

Objectives: Attendees will be able to…

  1. Describe and implement the PLS questionnaire to assess whether students have a repertoire of skills that will help prevent the development of problem behavior.
  2. Describe and implement the PLS curriculum with authentic practice opportunities.  
  3. Use the PLS manual to design new ways introduce and practice preschool life skills.
  4. Modify the PLS curriculum for students with language differences.
  5. Describe how proper implementation of the PLS curriculum makes it consistent with a Response to Intervention (RTI) model of teaching.
  6. Record student performance data.

This bundle features an educational and independent application practice portion.

Additionally, Dr. Cammilleri and Dr. Kevin Luczynski will provide two Q&A sessions as part of the bundle. Questions should focus on gaining further clarity on implementation of the curriculum, rather than on the unique challenges of a particular learner.

Lastly, there will be a virtual design session on Friday May 13th. Dr. Cammilleri and Dr. Kevin Luczynski will provide two design sessions. During the guided application portion of the workshop, they will review samples of the modifications and designs attendees created during the independent application practice portion of the workshop, as well as make recommendations, and provide troubleshooting for challenges.

Participants who complete the workshop will be eligible to purchase a package of fifteen 45-minute weekly follow-up consultations to support PLS implementation for up to 3 classrooms. Note, all staff members for a classroom must have completed the workshop to be eligible for the follow-up consultations.   

Completion of the bundle earns you 6 BACB Learning-Type General CEUs .

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