Experience of Laura Wilhelm, M.S., BCBA

Board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) are often called upon when the problem behavior of a particular child occurs more consistently, frequently, and/or intensely than the problem behavior exhibited by their similarly-aged peers. In other words, BCBAs typically work directly with a single child, conducting functional assessments to understand why the child is engaging in problem behavior. The BCBA then develops a treatment for that particular child based on the results of the functional assessment. IMG_1461There are times, however,when this traditional intervention model applied with individuals should be complimented with a larger prevention program that essentially provides function-based treatment to groups of children prior to the development of persistent or extraordinary problem behavior. The conditions that may lead one to consider prevention-based behavioral programming were experienced by Laura Wilhelm, M.S., BCBA, of the New England Center for Children (NECC), while she conducted a practical functional assessment with a young boy in a daycare setting.

Click here to learn about Laura’s experience.

For an example of a class-wide, skill-based, problem behavior prevention program, click here.

For an example of a small group skill-based, problem behavior prevention program, click here.

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