Congratulations to Dr. Erik Jacobson on Joseph Dutkowsky, M.D. Clinician of the Year Award for 2021

Joseph Dutkowsky, M.D. Clinician of the Year Award for 2021

This award exists to honor a clinician who has worked to positively change the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through their work within an CP Affiliate or related program. Honorees will be recognized based on their advocacy for health equity, commitment to improving the diagnoses and treatment of, development of innovative and appropriate protocols for, and improving the general clinician community’s knowledge and understanding of effective treatments for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In honor of Dr. Dutkowsky’s efforts to broaden the community’s acceptance and understanding of CP and other significant disabilities, this award also recognizes those partnerships that have been developed to bridge the many gaps in health access to quality health care and/or raise the broader community’s understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities.

Dr. Jacobson was chosen for this award because of the impact he has made as the champion for Upstate CP’s new program model for working with students with complex challenging behaviors, creating a cultural shift in the whole organization to improve outcomes for the individuals he supports, and for helping them realize their dreams through the development of functional skills. His leadership in the implementation of evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis curriculum within Upstate UCP has been an inspiration. He has also been instrumental in leading the charge for meaningful data analysis related to the evaluation of implemented strategies.

We congratulate Dr. Erik Jacobson for this well-deserved award.