Thanks for visiting this website dedicated to disseminating safe and efficient functional assessment procedures that inform highly effective and humane treatments for problem behavior of persons with autism or intellectual disabilities (ID).  

Seminars and Consultative Support

To inquire about scheduling a one-, two-, or three-day interactive seminar to build organizational capacity in the implementation of: (a) the practical functional assessment and skill-based treatment processes for severe problem behavior (self injury, aggression, property destruction), (b) the  skill-based treatment processes for interfering stereotypy, (c) the home-based assessment and treatment of sleep problems,  (d) home…

Narrated Slides with IISCA Rationale

Research has indicated that better outcomes are obtained when treatment is informed by a functional assessment process that includes a functional analysis. It is important to recognize, however, that even clear functional analysis outcomes require interpretation of the controlling variables within the analysis and inference as to whether those variables are controlling problem behavior in…

Podcasts for Behavior Analysts

Matt Cicoria has released a number of informative podcasts relevant to practicing behavior analysts on his website: behavioralobservations.com There are podcasts relevant to practical functional assessment of problem behavior and to skill-based treatment of problem behavior. These two podcasts are also linked on the tutorials page noted above. Consider visiting Matt’s website regularly to download…

Experiences of BCBAs in assessment course

This post contains presentations that describe applications of practical functional assessments and reflections by the BCBAs who conducted the functional assessments. These BCBAs were all doctoral candidates enrolled in a Behavioral Assessment course at Western New England University (WNEU) when they applied these procedures and developed presentations describing their experiences.