Spreading Holiday Joy

We love the holiday season because it’s the perfect time to show extra appreciation for the people around you.

Here are some gift ideas that our PFA and SBT community might enjoy this holiday season and might make some of your colleagues or employees Happy Relaxed and Engaged:

SD Associates

SD Associates have created some trendy apparel and have some fun and exciting novel items that are related to PFA-SBT. Here are some examples of their PFA apparel.

Unified Spectrum

Unified Spectrum offers a variety of merchandise such as mugs, magic mugs, travel mugs, sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts relating to HRE, here are some examples:

All merchandise relating to FTF were made by differently-abled young adults of Unified Spectrum. Purchasing a gift from unified spectrum shows support for this unique cause of building an inclusive and compassionate community.

Moore Hope Designs

Moore Hope Designs offer a variety of selection such as tumblers, mugs, stickers, and shirts all relating to compassionate behavior analysis. Here are some photos of their merchandise:

Refocus Behavior

Refocus Behavior offers Applied Behavior Analysis services to children with special needs in a one-on-one setting. They’ve designed this t-shirt “My HRE is being kind” for a campaign through Bonfire to raise funds for Global Autism Project.

They offer this style in a unisex tee, sleeve tee, hoodie, and a racerback.

AnneMarieApparel on Etsy

Next we have our reinforcers by Anne Marie! Visit her Etsy shop to view all her merch relating to PFA-SBT.

Happy Holidays everyone and keep spreading joy!

If you have suggestions for other PFA-SBT related merch that we haven’t included here, let us know.