Live: PFA/SBT design session (January 28, 2021)

Dear friends and colleagues,

FTF is offering a live PFA/SBT design session (3 CEUs, 2 ethics, 1 supervision) on January 28th, 12-4 PM EST. This is an ideal next step for those professionals who have completed the 10-hr On-Demand PFA/SBT course and are looking for additional support with a specific case. This unique hands-on capacity-building opportunity is offered at a reduced cost in a small group format to allow professionals to further enhance their understanding and application of the PFA/SBT process. The live design session will include a 1-hr Q&A with Dr. Hanley followed by a 3-hr planning support session with one of our lead consultants. The goal of this planning session will be to support attendees to extract synthesized reinforcement contingencies from interviews, design safe, fast, and effective functional analyses from the interviews, and design skill-based treatments informed by the results of the practical functional assessment process. Registration info can be found here:

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