New Online PFA/SBT and Sleep Courses

In an effort to meet the needs of professionals in this difficult time, FTF Behavioral Consulting has moved up the dates of the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-based Treatment online courses. In addition, FTF is offering a course on understanding and treating sleep problems.

There are two PFA/SBT course offerings starting the week of April 20th, a course for those who are new to the process (beginner course) and a course for those who have some experience implemented in this process (advanced course). Self-placement is encouraged, but if you have any questions on placement you may e-mail Dr. Ghaemmaghami at

Both PFA/SBT courses will consist of 20 hours worth of instructional content, including access to 8 hours of pre-recorded video instruction presented by Dr. Greg Hanley. Live, biweekly instruction will then take place with a lead, doctoral level FTF Consultant.

In the sleep course, students will have the opportunity to conduct a sleep assessment and design a personalized sleep treatment, begin implementing the plan, and receive feedback and problem solving assistance as the plan is implemented. This course may be particularly useful for professionals who are considering remote supervision of programs that can be implemented by caregivers, and it may be particularly suitable at this time as children and parents are at home and may have more availability and flexibility for the implementation of this treatment.

You will find more course information here:

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