Now available: The Balance Program App

We are pleased to announce that an app is now available to support professionals and parents implementing the Balance Program.

The app, developed by our friends at Hi Rasmus ( and field tested by BCBAs and parents in the US and Canada, offers instructions and video models for each step in the Balance program, synchronous and asynchronous data collection capabilities, and a simple platform on which parents can upload videos and questions for their BCBA. The platform then allows BCBAs the opportunity to review and score videos and provide feedback to parents.

The Balance Program takes a proactive approach to teaching young children communication and coping skills before problem behavior has a chance to become a serious issue. It is designed to be implemented in the home, by parents with a BCBA’s support—and that support can be delivered in person or remotely, making it perfect for situations in which access to in-person services is limited.

To learn more, attend our free information session on February 12, 2021 (, book a demo with the Hi Rasmus team (, and check out FTF’s on-demand Balance webinar and consultative support options.