The website is primarily designed for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who are interested in developing function-based treatments for the children and adults they serve who engage in problem behavior. We also hope to make the website accessible to parents, teachers, and other helping professionals who may have questions about the safety and utility of current functional analysis procedures.

This website is dedicated to disseminating a practical means of determining the occasioning contexts and outcomes responsible for problem behaviors like self-injurious behavior and aggression often associated with autism or intellectual disabilities. The process is generally referred to as a functional assessment. The specific functional assessment process that will be the focus of this website relies on open-ended interviewing and a subsequent functional analysis referred to as an interview-informed, synthesized contingency analysis or IISCA.

Peer-reviewed research has shown IISCAs to be a quick, safe, and reliable means to understand enough about why problem behavior is occurring to design individualized treatments capable of eliminating problem behavior while promoting essential skills such as functional communication, delay and denial toleration, and contextually appropriate behaviors (e.g., accuracy with academics, vocational skills, independent leisure activity).

This website includes relevant publications, video tutorials with associated Powerpoint files and workbooks, implementation materials (e.g., interview forms), narrated videos posted by behavior analysts who have implemented IISCAs and the lessons learned from their experiences, contact information for experts who can support professionals interested in implementing the assessment and treatment processes, as well as materials relevant to preventing problem behavior and assessing and treating sleep problems. We will also include blog posts with additional tips for implementing assessment and treatment processes with integrity, revised documents and process rubrics, and links to peer-reviewed research as each becomes available.

Content written, edited, and managed by:

Gregory Hanley, Ph.D., BCBA-D: psychology professor at WNE, director of the WNE Life Skills Clinic, applied researcher, practitioner, and consultant. For more information, click here or here.

*Content has been and will continue to be developed through research and my interactions with students, colleagues, practitioners, and children and their families. 

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Greg I’m an exhausted parent of a teen on the spectrum who also had intellectual disability and ADHD. Your EABA streamed workshop changed my world for the better. ( thanks to and via Dr Tom Tutton ‘a PBS chat on Facebook here in Sydney Australia) thsnk you thank you! I look forward to learning more as a result of your invaluable research ❤️ You!


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  3. I am trying to watch Dr. Greg Hanley Videos on you tube, but am locked out. I choose subscribe and still have no access. I am finishing hours to test for BCBA and would love to learn more from these great resources.


    • Hi Kathleen. I would need more information to assist you. The youtube videos on the website created in collaboration with datafinch, which do yield CEUs appear to be working. The FIT videos that yield CEUs are working. The UWF 1 CEU video does not seem accessible because UWF took down the page for maintenance. You would need to contact the Cambridge center for Behavioral Studies to ask when they will make the page live again. Hope this helps.
      -Greg Hanley


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