CE credits for FA & Rx Tutorials

In this course from ABA Technologies and FL Tech, an alternative to traditional functional analysis methods called the interview-informed synthesized contingency analysis (IISCA) is carefully described and guidance on how you can incorporate this strategy into your practice to reduce problem behavior quickly and effectively and generalize the changes across multiple environments is provided.

For an introduction to this 4-part tutorial on a practical functional assessment and treatment process, click on the video below.

To enroll in this CE opportunity for 3.5 Type II BACB® CEs or 3.5 SHRM credits, click here.

A condensed version of the material described in the course above is available from the University of West Florida. This UWF presentation was filmed at the 2016 CCBS Autism Conference in Buellton, California. The introduction to the video can be viewed here. For access to the entire presentation and to obtain 1 Type II BACB® CE, click here.




6 thoughts on “CE credits for FA & Rx Tutorials

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  2. A question regarding the training and use of ISSCA for general psychologists with a background of behaviour but not BCBA.
    Does a BCBA need to be involved in supervison of the coaching or training of teachers to use the ISSCA or FCT training in schools?
    An ethical discussion between psychologist who have studies ABA but not yet sat the BCBA exam.

    thank you for your time


  3. Hello. The link to the IISCA tutorial is not working. I was wondering when that would be back up for the CE series. I’m very eager to use this method with quite a few of my students.


    • Hello Natasha. I would need more information to assist you; there are a handful of tutorial posted. The youtube videos on the website created in collaboration with Datafinch, which do yield CEUs appear to be working. The FIT videos that yield CEUs are working. The UWF 1 CEU video does not seem accessible because either UWF of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies took down the page for maintenance. You would need to contact the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (or UWF) to ask when they will make the page live again. Hope this helps.
      -Greg Hanley


      • I was looking at the one that is down for maintenance. I will contact UWF. Thank you for your quick reply.


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