CE credits for FA & Rx Tutorials

In this course from ABA Technologies and FL Tech, an alternative to traditional functional analysis methods called the interview-informed synthesized contingency analysis (IISCA) is carefully described and guidance on how you can incorporate this strategy into your practice to reduce problem behavior quickly and effectively and generalize the changes across multiple environments is provided.

For an introduction to this 4-part tutorial on a practical functional assessment and treatment process, click on the video below.

To enroll in this CE opportunity for 3.5 Type II BACB® CEs or 3.5 SHRM credits, click here.

A condensed version of the material described in the course above is available from the University of West Florida. This UWF presentation was filmed at the 2016 CCBS Autism Conference in Buellton, California. The introduction to the video can be viewed here. For access to the entire presentation and to obtain 1 Type II BACB® CE, click here.




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