What is the best way to navigate the website to learn how to do a practical functional assessment?

In order to learn how to do a practical functional assessment, we think the best way for BCBAs (or those in BCBA training programs) to navigate the website would be to progress through the following 10 steps:

  1. Click here to be welcomed.

  2. Click here to learn about the website.

  3. Click here and watch at least one of the videos to learn about the process from a fellow BCBA.

  4. Download the Powerpoint file and workbook to be used with the video tutorial.

  5. Click here to view the initial assessment tutorial, and then click here and view the first 15 min of this video. Pause the video tutorial as need to complete the relevant workbook sections.

  6. Click here and view at least three of the presentations by BCBAs who describe their experience conducting practical functional assessments.

  7. Read two peer-reviewed articles describing the assessment and treatment process. First read Hanley et al. (2014) then read Santiago et al. (2015).

  8. Read the conceptually-oriented questions and answers regarding the assessment process by clicking here.

  9. Read the additional Q&A focused on practical implementation issues by clicking here.

  10. Download an open-ended interview tool by clicking here.

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